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Atlanta Casino Events is a specialized theme party company:

  • casino night parties
  • charity events
  • private parties of all kinds
  • corporate events
  • and more!

The BEST DJ'S and Music For Your Party!

We are casino party experts and music experts. If you hire a DJ/Host from us, you get a real, professional DJ and casino host who has performed at many hundreds of engagements of every conceivable type, and is expert in many musical styles.

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About Atlanta Casino Events

Entertainer of the Year 2014

Atlanta Casino Events provides high quality casino games, experienced professional quality dealers, DJ/Hosts, and light, casino themed decor for private parties and special events in the Atlanta area and the Southeast. ACE is absolutely committed to making your casino themed event as authentic as possible and above all...FUN!

Atlanta Casino Events is a family owned entertainment business based in North Gwinnett County, a part of the Metro Atlanta area in North Georgia. This is a very convenient location from which to serve Atlanta and all of Georgia along with much of north and South Carolina, and East Tennessee.
We now have a branch of our company located in Chattanooga.

We have performed shows from the Bahamas and the Florida Keys to Michigan to Texas.

We are also affiliated with a few of the very best entertainment production companies in the Atlanta area!

Available in Atlanta, Athens GA, Chattanooga TN, and Greenville SC

Atlanta Casino Events can schedule your party in Atlanta, Macon, Athens GA, Chattanooga TN and Greenville SC along with virtually any other city in Georgia, East Tennessee, and Western North and South Carolina. Dates fill up very fast - we urge you to give us a call if you are interested and we can pencil you in for a great evening of fun! Give us a call!



The process of securing our casino services begins with a SIMPLE phone call or email to us.

If you have a date, it's helpful, but not totally necessary. You may also fill out the inquire form on this web site and send that to us.

In our conversation or correspondence, we will want to know approximately how many guests you expect and about where the party will be. We need to know this in order to give you a reasonably accurate estimate. We will base our estimate on about 60% of the total number you expect to be in attendance. Once we have sent an estimate, those numbers are not written in stone. If your numbers change, we can change ours as well.


We are not fond of packages, but since some people prefer them, we have created some so you can get an idea of about how many tables you may need. Custom estimates are still our preference because they will be much more accurate, and will therefore suit your needs better.


If you make the decision to utilize our services, we will then need to know where the event will be, the total hours of the event, and the three hour time slot you want for the gaming, as well as how many guests you intend to have. Four hour time slots are available for an additional fee but the entire industry revolves around three hours, because that's about how long people want to play. We will ask for a small deposit in order to make our agreement valid.


When the day of the event comes, our arrival time will depend on the size of the casino you have purchased. We will always allow enough time to be up and out of the way before the first guests begin to arrive. We try to avoid letting the guests see us setting up, because this destroys the magic. We want them to walk in the door and gasp when they see the fun awaiting them. We don't want them to see guys in casual attire still setting up tables. You will be supplied with vouchers (play money) that will have a picture or logo if you want this and provide us with it. We will provide these custom vouchers for free,  and you can distribute them. When your guests are ready to play, they will take the vouchers to any dealer and trade them for chips with an arbitrary value assigned by us.


At the end of the evening, the guests will trade their chips back to the dealers for prize-drawing tickets. Then we will conduct a prize drawing giving away prizes provided by you. We can do that, or you can. If you want to do it with our assistance, that will be fine. It's your choice.

One important thing - most people want guests to cash in at the end of the evening in order to provide an incentive for them to stay all evening. We generally prefer that as well because cashing someone out during a game requires the dealer to suspend the gaming until the cash out is completed. However, If you wish to allow some of them to cash out early, it's important that you inform us of your intention so we can be sure the dealers have tickets on hand early.

This has been a general overview of what you can expect when you do business with us. We look forward to hearing from you and making your casino party night or fund raiser event a smashing success!

Call us at (770) 617-6942 and lets get started!