Entertainer of the Year 2014

The motto of Atlanta Casino Events is “Our Dealers Make the Difference”. This is not just an empty but high-sounding phrase. We sincerely believe it to be true, and with good reason. It boils down to a difference in staffing methods. It seems many of the companies that serve the Atlanta area recruit dealers by sending a blanket email to all the dealers in their address book when they secure a commitment for an event, then hire the first responders. This method results in what I call “survival of the hungriest”, and for the customer, the dealers are not necessarily the best available, but simply the ones who were monitoring their email the closest. Of course this doesn’t mean there are no good dealers who answer these cattle calls, it simply means quality is not the principal criterion. 

Several of the companies do not staff their events at all, but hire a “Staffer”, who hires whoever they know, or are friends with. This so called “staffer” is always simply a dealer who has agreed to perform this chore for usually about $5.00 per dealer hired. This results in a circumstance wherein the person with whom you consulted and put your faith in has no idea who will actually be dealing at your party. I know for certain that sometimes, the customer doesn’t get a total roster of real dealers at all. They simply get a body standing behind the table who has had perhaps a thirty minute primer on the art of dealing right before the event. There is no guarantee that the “trainer” is a really knowledgeable professional dealer, either.

If you should encounter a company who advertises that their dealers are not contractors, but are full time employees, don’t fall for this one! Logic, combined with a little knowledge of how this business really works should tell you that absolutely NO casino company has full time dealers on staff. This is not economically feasible. They are taking a negative and trying to present it as a positive. What they really mean is they have cross-trained their sales people (commission only, of course) so they can enhance their income by also working the events they sell as dealers. This is not the worse practice imaginable, but to try to present it as meaning you somehow get better dealers is pretty disingenuous. If anything, the opposite is likely to be true.

All this stands in direct contrast with the way it’s done by Atlanta Casino Events! Our concept is to form a nucleus of highly professional dealers and use these dealers for all events. This method resembles the way pop bands operate. There is a nucleus of professionals who work together all the time and are truly bonded. They know each other well and are a team, not just a collection of individuals who are all working the same job.

Also, in this basic team of about 12 dealers, usually some are retired dealers from real casinos, and the remainder have been thoroughly trained by the professional casino dealers. We have settled on the Harrah’s style of dealing because one of our regulars involved in training was a dealer at Harrah’s for 10 years. Many of these dealers do not work with any other company by choice, citing (among other things) embarrassment regarding the quality of people they are sometimes required to work with. When a bigger job comes, the extra dealers we use to augment our regular staff are also the best dealers available. We almost never hire the first responder. The only exception to this might occur with out of town events when economics does not allow us to import all dealers from Atlanta, or last minute jobs during the holidays when almost every dealer in town is already working.

Rest assured, ACE will always strive to make sure the very best dealers available will be coming to your event! We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


About Atlanta Casino Events

Entertainer of the Year 2014

Atlanta Casino Events provides high quality casino games, experienced professional quality dealers, DJ/Hosts, and light, casino themed decor for private parties and special events in the Atlanta area and the Southeast. ACE is absolutely committed to making your casino themed event as authentic as possible and above all...FUN!

Atlanta Casino Events is a family owned entertainment business based in North Gwinnett County, a part of the Metro Atlanta area in North Georgia. This is a very convenient location from which to serve Atlanta and all of Georgia along with much of north and South Carolina, and East Tennessee.
We now have a branch of our company located in Chattanooga.

We have performed shows from the Bahamas and the Florida Keys to Michigan to Texas.

We are also affiliated with a few of the very best entertainment production companies in the Atlanta area!

Available in Atlanta, Athens GA, Chattanooga TN, and Greenville SC

Atlanta Casino Events can schedule your party in Atlanta, Macon, Athens GA, Chattanooga TN and Greenville SC along with virtually any other city in Georgia, East Tennessee, and Western North and South Carolina. Dates fill up very fast - we urge you to give us a call if you are interested and we can pencil you in for a great evening of fun! Give us a call!



How estimates work

The process of getting an estimate can be pretty tricky business, and there can be pitfalls that are worth discussing. We here at ACE have a pretty good idea what the industry standard is for pricing in the Atlanta area, so our estimates will be pretty much in line with others. Also, always remember an estimate is exactly what the name implies. It’s not a price written in stone, it should be thought of as a place for the negotiating to begin.

One thing some people do is confuse themselves by getting too many estimates. These are usually people shopping for the very lowest price they can find. This is not a good idea if the quality of your party matters to you. If you search hard enough, you will probably be able to eventually uncover a “bottom-feeder” who will be happy to provide you with a remarkably low price for a remarkably inferior product. Cheap tables that are not regularly maintained and inferior, poorly paid dealers can be expected with a vendor like this. A good rule of thumb is to avoid both extremes. Do not buy the top or bottom priced product. One is likely to not be very good, and the other is likely to be good, but overpriced. Not very good and overpriced in the same package is out there, too. I know where, but I can’t tell you.

Fund Raising Ideas

Casino Parties have become the entertainment of choice for fundraisers in the last few years.

There are many legal ways to raise money with a casino party. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Charge a per-plate fee to attend the event. If you do this, be sure to advertise the casino as being free for legal reasons. It is important to avoid setting up a situation where the guests must pay to play. Give everyone one free ticket for the prize drawing at the end so their ability to win a prize is not solely dependent on their performance at the games.
  • Sell sponsorships for the tables. The name of the sponsor can be placed in the table, and/or put on a name tag and worn by the dealer.
  • Have a silent auction with items donated by local merchants or friends. This is a time-tested device and can work quite well.
  • Have a bar and charge for drinks.
  • Create a “Photo Op” and charge a nominal fee for couples and/or groups to pose for photos. ACE can provide a nice one.
  • Sell T-shirts with your logo on it.
  • Sometimes, people offer free play money for a voluntary contribution of $20.00 or so. The contribution must be voluntary for legal reasons. Again, you want to avoid pay to play. We do not necessarily endorse this one, but many people do it.
  • Play “Half n’ Half”. This involves selling a playing card out of a deck for $5.00, then tearing it in half with the purchaser getting one half, and the other half going in a jar. When all 52 cards are sold, there is a drawing from the jar, and the winner with the matching half-card splits the pot with you. That’s $130.00 each.
  • Play “Heads or Tails” near the end of the evening. Ask your ACE representative how this works.
  • Play “Reverse Auction”. In this one, people buy in, then as names are called these people are eliminated from the game. At the end, the remaining name is the winner.
  • Hire “The Derby” by ACE and sell sponsorships for the horses in the race. People do not use real money to bet, nor do they have to pay to play. Again, ask your ACE representative for details. This is one of the hottest fundraising games available! If done properly, this can result in a couple thousand dollars in profit, and there are no questions about legality, at least here in Georgia!

Want more comprehensive information about planning a fundraiser? Click here. More information about the derby event can be found here.

Why Good Casino Event Dealers Matter

So, if you decide to have a casino party company for your event, what are the most important factors to consider? Well, professionalism and dependability are obviously at the top of the list. You must be comfortable that they will show up in a timely fashion and do a good, professional job when they get there. Those companies that have nice equipment will tout the quality of that equipment, and rightfully so, but frankly the quality of the dealers is even more important. Second rate dealers stationed at beautiful tables will not provide a really good, professional environment. It will look good, but when the gaming starts, the dealers become the most important factor. Dealers that are not up to snuff will not be able to properly teach gaming skills to the guests who are not experienced gamers, and even worse, they will be very unsatisfactory to those who already know their way around casino tables. Snorts of derision coming from your guests aimed at dealers who do not know what they are doing can be pretty embarrassing to the host of the event.

A good analogy would be hiring a band. Which seems like the best bet, a group of professional musicians with older, obviously well-used instruments, or a group of inexperienced musicians whose day jobs and/or parents have allowed them to own great gear that don’t really know how to play? Looked at it from that point of view, the answer is obvious. The best option would be great gear played by great musicians of course, but lacking great gear, great musicians will be the next choice . The same applies to a casino company. A group of great dealers working at really nice tables is definitely the preferred option.

For a really great event, shop for nice looking equipment, but don’t overlook the fact knowledgeable, professional dealers are in fact the crucial component of a truly successful evening. This is worth a discussion with your sales person at the casino company.

A Question we Receive All The Time - Do Blackjack Stools Matter?

In a casino, blackjack tables always have stools, and sometimes customers believe these are also necessary at a casino party. We do have the ability to provide stools upon request, up to 80 in fact, but we prefer not to. The reason is that casinos provide stools in order to make the players as comfortable as possible so they will play in the same position until they run out of money. This is not the goal at a casino party. Here, the best thing is for people to circulate, thereby eventually playing all the games, and also allowing table space for other guests.

Consider this; the usual formula for selecting the number of playing positions in relation to the number of guests is 50 to 60 percent. This means at a party with 100 guests, you will have 50 or 60 playing positions available, therefore between 50 and 40 people will not have a position available at a table at any given time, and if all the players park in a position and there is no circulation, these “orphans” will never get to play at all. Not the object of a party!

Another factor is if nearly everyone is sitting, the event resembles a meeting more than it does a party. I have personally observed this phenomenon many times. We do sometimes bring a few chairs in case there are elderly or pregnant guests expected, though.

Poker vs Blackjack

One of the most common errors we see when customers are trying to decide what games they want at their event is the poker over-estimation. Because of the immense popularity of poker as promoted by the travel channel, many people get the impression it is more popular than it really is. This impression is enhanced by the fact that so many bars promote a poker night. It’s easy to get the impression poker is something everyone will play. Not so!

The truth is, most of the time (all groups are different, of course) only a relatively few people will choose to play poker for a couple of reasons. The main one, in my opinion, is the fact there is a commitment of time and effort in poker that is not there in the other games. When you sit down to play poker, the object is to be “the last man/woman standing”. You try to defeat all the other players, and this can literally take hours. With blackjack, each hand is totally independent of the others. You can walk up to a blackjack, roulette, or craps table and play one hand, spin, or roll, then walk away. Not so with poker. Well, you can but you shouldn’t.

Some other people avoid poker because it’s a sit-down game, and they feel that’s just not as exciting as the other games, at least not in a party atmosphere. They are there to socialize, not get caught up in a highly competitive situation exclusive of all the other guests.

There will almost always be a few poker players at any party, occasionally there will be quite a number, and these will really enjoy the game, but it’s easy to overestimate just how many there will be on average. In the long run, you will be better off allowing your ACE representative who is doing your estimate to suggest the game configuration for your event. He or she is a professional with much experience, and will understand the dynamics of the games, and how many players to expect overall at each one. You are not required to accept that opinion, of course. After all, it is your party, but it’s a good idea to discuss it.

It can be a bit dismaying to hire 10 games for your event, make 4 of them be poker tables, then watch as three tables you paid good money for sit empty all night. It’s happened.